Class I railroad modernizes crew management with CloudMoyo

Crew Management Case Study- CloudMoyo.jpg

A North American railroad is reaping the benefits of CloudMoyo's Crew Management platform to modernize their crew management.

When they started, the railroad operator’s crew management office used paper-based worksheets to handle the crew management and scheduling processes manually. This was leading to poor visibility and limited accountability due to unavailability of documentary evidences into decisions made during crew allocations. The railroad was at risk of breaching labor laws and non-compliance with regulations.

After a diligent evaluation procedure, the railroad chose CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) as a platform for providing the foundation of a new digital approach to crew management. CCM is an easy to use, highly configurable modern platform that empowered the Class I railroad to automate crew scheduling, optimize crew utilization, track qualifications, manage compliance, and provide real-time visibility into crew operations with advanced analytics.

Key features 

  • Automated crew scheduling
  • Yard jobs management
  • Mobile device based crew assignment, tie ups and reporting
  • Payroll assistance and claims management
  • Taxi and hotel booking
  • Compliance with labor contracts and FRA regulations like HOS
  • Advanced crew analytics